Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Baby

This little boy has us all enthralled.
Such a darling, sweet boy.
He is a good eating, the best sleeping baby we've had - has often gone
more than 8 hours at night, and even went
12 a few nights ago...before the latest growth spurt hit and now he's eating around the clock.

 The sticky-up-hair is all natural.
Some of the people at church have commented on how much their older sons
wish their hair would stick up like this cute stuff.

And of course he's all smiles until I pull out the camera, then 
he is all serious.  This boy has a great smile and laugh.
He always has one for this older sisters.

On the way back from Idaho, we were able to stop and see Daddy's grandpa.
It was great to relax and be comfortable while
I fed the baby.  And of course, we all enjoy
seeing Grandpa.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

He's beautiful and sound like a dream.
I'm really glad it's going so well.
Lov'n that last shot of you guys.
You look awesome.
All that sleep must be helping right?