Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best Couch Ever

We bought a couch from some family friends.
And it might just be the best couch you've ever seen.

I know it's my favorite.

And it can seat a TON of people.  

The first time I saw it was at a party at said friend's lake house.
There were a bunch of women for a ladies night/sleepover
and we were able to fit quite the crowd around and play games
and talk.
And talk and talk...did I mention it was a bunch of women?

I will quit stalling and share this beauty with you.
 The girls obviously love it.

And the two ends that have no back have wheels, which enable you to move them away or
into the center, for a full half circle!!
And it fits perfectly in our large front room.
It's quite strange for the house not to be so empty, since we 
moved our other couch into the fireplace room.

But I'm sure we'll adjust just fine.


Melissa said...

Looks great.
I love the half circle thing

Fab Five said...

That is an awesome couch! Is that from Edwards?

redstarja13 said...

I absolutely love this couch! Where did you get it?!