Friday, January 2, 2015

Book blitz again

It's January, again,
(Happy new year),
And that means it's book blitz month again.

How many books will you read?
Last year I read 12.
I wonder if I will beat that.
I'm guessing no, but I guess we will see.
(I just started one and it's a little slow going, but hopefully I can make up for that later.)

Good luck.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Car Search

We are in the midst of one of our least favorite activities....
searching for a new car.
One of the problems is we don't really know what we want,
as long as it has a back seat.
It will mainly be used for getting to and from work,
but we want the option of taking kids along.
The other main problem is that people want so much money for their cars
around here.
Seriously, most people are asking at least $1000 over the
blue book price, even for cars that are in bad shape.
I saw an ad online the other day for a car that doesn't run,
needs a ton of work, has a lot of miles,
and has body problems to top it off.  They want $1500 for that thing!!
When we lived in Idaho, that would've been worth about $500 or so.
It's a pain.
Especially since we are only available in the mornings to look at something.
But one of these days, we'll find something.
Which will be awesome!
Because then I can meet Tomato after school and drive to get her,
instead of pushing a double stroller and walking with
a 4-year-old who slows to a snail's pace anytime she feels like it.
In the rain.
I'm hoping we can find one during Christmas break, which
would mean that tomorrow would be our last day of rain walking;
at least until it's my turn to get the group at the top of the hill.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Scissors Allowed

Well, I'm sure some of you can guess what this post is about.
Tomato decided to cut Olive's hair several days ago.  It was
either last Friday or Saturday.
And although it's about half gone, she did it in such a way
that you can't really tell unless you're close to her.
So I guess that's good.
But there's really no fixing it, either.
So we are just going to wait it out.
I discovered hair in the garbage that morning and asked where it came from.
"We found it."
"On the floor."
And then I realized how much hair there actually was in the
garbage can and demanded to know where on the floor it was found.
Then I took away the scissor privileges that anyone may have had.
And for your enjoyment:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sickie McSickie

That's what we've been up to lately...
I am hoping that's it for the duration, but I have
a feeling that the cold and flu season is just
getting started around here.
Also, I had braces put
back on my teeth last week.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Pictures

We just had our family pictures taken....they turned out so great.
And true to life.
We had a photographer friend take them, and if you're in the area
and looking for a good photographer, let me know.
I really, really like almost all the ones we have, but
I'll try to narrow it down a little so it's not too much.
Little Olive wouldn't even look at my friend for the first little while,
even though she sees her in Primary every week at church.
But eventually she did, and we are so glad.
This is my favorite of the whole family.
I can't tell which one of Sour Cream's pictures is my favorite.
Every expression is so true to life; I get them every day as he is trying to be big
but still struggles because he's small.

 He finally cheered up a little when I put his brother on his lap.

Cheddar loves to play with his tongue, so this is perfect. 

 Pretty Tomato.
 Just the boys.

 If only they got along this well every day.... 

And a couple more for good measure.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Does anyone else feel like they need to do a better job being ready?
For years, we've worked on our emergency preparedness
a little at a time, and we have enough of some things,
a little of other,
and a long way to go in some areas.
Today I finished my last class for CERT training.
It's Community Emergency Response Team; basically after a
disaster (not terrorist), a CERT team gets together and helps rescue people
and do basic first aid until the professionals are able to step in.
It's been really interesting and a lot different from any
other emergency or first aid class I've had before.
It's because the scope is different.  With CERT, you are planning on being
in a situation where EMS and professional help is on the way, but it'll
be days before they can reach you.
So you have to change the way you help people and focus on
doing the most good for the greatest amount of people.
One thing that I really like about CERT is that
And this includes your family, so if you or your family are not okay with
the CERT team member leaving to help others, then you don't go.
I will be doing the physical simulation in two weeks so I can earn my diploma,
assuming that I passed the written test today.
Which I think I did.
If there's a class offered in your community, you should take it.
It's a bit of a time commitment to take the class,
but it's really valuable information, even if you never help out with an emergency.
And even if you are not okay with touching others, or blood, or are
physically limited in any way, you can still have a part to do.
Which I also love.
All you need is a desire and willingness to help.

You can learn more about it here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

As soon as I decide to do better writing on here, I let myself
take a break because we had family in town.
I'm not apologizing; it was super fun to have her here & I'm sure I will
make the choice to neglect the blog the next time we have company.
Lucky for you, it doesn't happen often.
My little sister came to visit for a week and we loved it.
It was so convenient that she chose to come during
a three-day school week when Tomato's teacher forgot the week was short
(which meant we didn't have to worry about doing any homework!).
It was great, and we definitely took advantage of nice weather
and no homework.
Wednesday right after school, we headed off for our annual visit to the pumpkin
patch.  I thought about changing the farm we have been going to, but the price is right.
All the extra activities at this farm are free, and everyone else charges.
And I really like that the free corn maze is just the right size for little kids.  There's really no way
they can get lost in there; which tells you how small it is.
The annual growth chart.

  My dwarves 

Inside the maze 

 At the toy pile 

 Cheddar was thrilled to be there

 Tractor time

 The following poses were all spontaneous...each one has
great things, so I couldn't choose just one

Since I don't really LOVE carving pumpkins,
we let the kids choose their own from the
tiny pile (also super cheap).