Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Diaper Rash?

Back in January, when we were living in our free temporary housing as part of the moving package, the girls were sharing a room.  I wasn't ready for it, they were certainly not ready for it, but the options were slim, and we weren't about to refuse the free housing simply because of this inconvenience. 

Bedtime took a long time those days.  We didn't have them sharing a bed (luckily), but Cupcake learned how to climb out of the playard we were using, and the door handles were the kid friendly kind, so both girls had the ability to get out of bed and try to stay up late.  

But, it didn't work out to their advantage. They were (sometimes) repeatedly put back in bed, and on occasion lost the nightlight in their room.  Which I think was a good thing, since it was so bright in their with it - they definitely went to bed easier when it was just outside the door.

One night, the girls were playing and being loud, so Daddy went in to put them in bed again.  I heard a reprimand and the words, "Go show your mother."  I didn't know what to expect, but this is the girl that greeted me as her dad followed her out, trying not to laugh: 

Poor thing!  Her sister had grabbed the Caldesene (seriously the BEST diaper rash prevention) and dumped it all over her and the playard.  So I grabbed the camera and stuck this girl in the tub.  

And tried to keep a stern look on my face when I was near Tooty.  That was the toughest part of the whole thing.


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

What great shots! That is hilarious!

Melissa said...

Wow that is wonderful. Lol
Love the new look.