Friday, February 4, 2011

Tooty and I tried making some bread the other day...
it didn't turn out very well, but we sure looked great!
She received some cooking accessories from one of her grandmas for Christmas,
and every time I don an apron, she wants to put hers on, too.

 Daddy asked Tooty to give him a piggyback after he had been running around our apartment
with her on his back. 
We have another maintenance issue at our apartment (surprise, surprise) - the tub quit working!
Luckily we have two, but last Sunday when Cupcake needed to get clean, I didn't want to put her in the tub in our room.  Into the sink she went.  It worked out okay, except I was soaked.
So this morning when I did it again, I made sure to turn her around so the water she was 
throwing ended up on the wall instead of me.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Cupcake is BEAUTIFUL man.
Love it.
Sorry the bread wasn't the best but I'm sure Tooty didn't care man.
Love, love, love that pic of her giving her Dad a ride.
Love it.