Monday, February 28, 2011


I had intended to post this before today.  

Obviously that didn't happen.

I just wanted to put on a little update about how my workouts have been going.
Pretty good.
I haven't exactly stuck to my plan - the problem started when I
went to visit my mom during the 2nd week;
I took my tape, actually did work out the first day we were there,
skipped it the next day for various reasons excuses,
and then planned on (but didn't) complete it the 3rd day
after I was back home.

And then it was Sunday (my day off), and when
Monday came around, I realized
I had left my tape at mom's.
So instead of calling and asking for her to pretty, pretty please mail it,
I skipped to the last tape of Slim in 6, "Burn it up!"
And like Debbie says, "There's a reason it's called Burn it up!"
It's tough.

But I've been doing pretty well, all things considered.
I haven't been as consistent as I had hoped, but most weeks I've 
averaged 4-5 good workouts.
And I have noticed some changes.  Not on the scale, but in the mirror 
(where it counts more, anyway)
and in my clothes.

Plus my husband has been telling me how great I look.
Which isn't new, but his compliments include 'skinny' more.


Melissa said...

That's fantastic Missy.
I'm proud of you.
Just working out is fantastic no matter how many times.
You'll see results soon enough.

Emily said...

This sounds like a good workout video. I might need to try it!