Friday, February 4, 2011

Determined, or An Experiment

Okay...I have known many inspirational people over the years, for one reason or another. 
Some of them have been inspiring for years, and some not so long.
Right now, I'm thinking of three in particular.
They are, in no particular order, of course:
My husband (Crazy Man), Milz (my fave kiwi), and my sister-in-law K.

Why, you may be asking?  

Well, I'll tell you, of course!

They have made a commitment to working out...

AND are sticking to it (that's the key, of course)!

Seriously, they are doing great!

Crazy Man has decided to get back to running, and he has been out every day this past week, 
and the shortest time was 40 minutes.
It has always amazed me (and made me jealous, I'll admit it) that he can take a break from running for 
months and months and then go out and run for an hour without a problem.
I'm lucky to run for 5 minutes.
He's even doing it outside, and it's not exactly warm in February in northern Idaho...

Milz has made the commitment to get back in shape, and she's doing great.
She's inspiring so many of her friends and family as she tells us how everything's going in a blog about
the 12 week challenge from Gold's Gym.
And she's meeting a ton of goals that she has set for herself.

And my sister-in-law, K, has been heading to the gym regularly, too.

I've become determined to try it myself.  I've been trying off and on to get rid of the 'extra' weight
I've been carrying around since Tooty was born.  I did get within 10 pounds of pre-prego
weight before I was pregnant again with Cupcake, and lost all that weight right away.
But I'm still hanging out with that 10 pounds.

It's not that I'm worried about the weight, but I would like to be in better shape.
But I sure wouldn't complain if I could lose that 10 pounds in the process.
Of course. 
I'm not that ridiculous.

So what is it that I have determined to do to help myself along?
Well, when I was in college, I purchased the Beachbody program
 I've never actually known someone who has been able to keep it up for 6 weeks, including myself.
But I'm going to try it out.
Starting today - and today's workout is over and done with.
I feel great, but I am pretty sure I'm going to feel sore tomorrow.

I've decided to workout 6 days a week, taking Sunday as a day off.
I am actually missing the intro video, so I will start off with Ramp It Up! for 3 weeks,
and the continue on with Burn It Up! for the last 3.
I will also allow myself ONE day off a week to do a different workout.
Because I know myself, and I will probably give up if I don't allow myself the ability to choose
an out, like instead of the long workout to just do the ab routine, or a different workout altogether.

And I will update my progress here from time to time.
Starting with some before pics...they were taken a few months ago, but things haven't changed
since then.  I still look like that, except for my hair is a different color.

Week 1 weight: 160
I considered putting my other stats on here, but I'm not sure that I want everyone to know
the circumference of my thighs...I think I'll just post how many inches I've lost.
Front - in my swim shorts and workout top.

From the side.  Hopefully my posture will improve, too!

And the back...let's get rid of those rolls!


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

Way to go! It is always helpful to report to people! Good luck sticking with those videos!

Aspiring Ultra Runner said...

i know you can do it, and i'll do my best to hold you accountable.

Melissa said...

You can do it Missy.
6 weeks, a fitter you, and that last 10 pounds.
You got this.
I'm gonna hold you accountable as well ;)

Adam & Rachel said...

Wow! Good for you! You can totally do it. Best of luck and I am excited to see your success.

Janneke said...

Nice! I have that same program! I have not had the motivation to stick it all the way through either. So how about we check up on eachother and I will start today too! I totally have the baby weight to lose too.