Monday, January 10, 2011

A Little Too Early...

During breakfast on Sunday morning, Tooty was telling me what she wanted her birthday cake to be. 

Pink cake.  Pink frosting.  Pink candles.  4 of them. 

Did I mention that her birthday isn't until the fall?

Don't forget the pink sprinkles.

She also showed me how big it was going to be...good thing I have a 13" round cake pan!  But luckily by the end of the conversation, it ended up being only about 8" round and 2 layers tall. 

I told her I thought that sounded like a good plan.  And I will admit I was surprised (although maybe I should have seen it coming?) when she told me this morning (as I was trying to convince her to go back to bed because it was still dark outside) that she was ready to make her pink cake.

It might be a long winter/spring/summer!


Melissa said...

I need to start probing Masaru about what he wants.
He told me the other month he wanted another kiwi.
So we need to talk.
Good luck with the pink cake.
Maybe you could do a practice one and that'll keep her satisfied?
Or maybe not ;)

The Crandizzles said...

You could celebrate a half bday. At least she just wants a cake and it's worried about presents! :)