Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

As soon as I decide to do better writing on here, I let myself
take a break because we had family in town.
I'm not apologizing; it was super fun to have her here & I'm sure I will
make the choice to neglect the blog the next time we have company.
Lucky for you, it doesn't happen often.
My little sister came to visit for a week and we loved it.
It was so convenient that she chose to come during
a three-day school week when Tomato's teacher forgot the week was short
(which meant we didn't have to worry about doing any homework!).
It was great, and we definitely took advantage of nice weather
and no homework.
Wednesday right after school, we headed off for our annual visit to the pumpkin
patch.  I thought about changing the farm we have been going to, but the price is right.
All the extra activities at this farm are free, and everyone else charges.
And I really like that the free corn maze is just the right size for little kids.  There's really no way
they can get lost in there; which tells you how small it is.
The annual growth chart.

  My dwarves 

Inside the maze 

 At the toy pile 

 Cheddar was thrilled to be there

 Tractor time

 The following poses were all spontaneous...each one has
great things, so I couldn't choose just one

Since I don't really LOVE carving pumpkins,
we let the kids choose their own from the
tiny pile (also super cheap).

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Melissa said...

It looks like a beautiful day for a fun pumpkin play date. I'm glad your sister was in town. Love these pics. It's good to see your beautiful kids.