Saturday, October 18, 2014


Does anyone else feel like they need to do a better job being ready?
For years, we've worked on our emergency preparedness
a little at a time, and we have enough of some things,
a little of other,
and a long way to go in some areas.
Today I finished my last class for CERT training.
It's Community Emergency Response Team; basically after a
disaster (not terrorist), a CERT team gets together and helps rescue people
and do basic first aid until the professionals are able to step in.
It's been really interesting and a lot different from any
other emergency or first aid class I've had before.
It's because the scope is different.  With CERT, you are planning on being
in a situation where EMS and professional help is on the way, but it'll
be days before they can reach you.
So you have to change the way you help people and focus on
doing the most good for the greatest amount of people.
One thing that I really like about CERT is that
And this includes your family, so if you or your family are not okay with
the CERT team member leaving to help others, then you don't go.
I will be doing the physical simulation in two weeks so I can earn my diploma,
assuming that I passed the written test today.
Which I think I did.
If there's a class offered in your community, you should take it.
It's a bit of a time commitment to take the class,
but it's really valuable information, even if you never help out with an emergency.
And even if you are not okay with touching others, or blood, or are
physically limited in any way, you can still have a part to do.
Which I also love.
All you need is a desire and willingness to help.

You can learn more about it here.


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

I checked out our local one and it has not been updated since 2001! I'll have to check the other towns around because I'd like to learn about things like that!

Melissa said...

This is awesome missy.