Saturday, October 25, 2014

Family Pictures

We just had our family pictures taken....they turned out so great.
And true to life.
We had a photographer friend take them, and if you're in the area
and looking for a good photographer, let me know.
I really, really like almost all the ones we have, but
I'll try to narrow it down a little so it's not too much.
Little Olive wouldn't even look at my friend for the first little while,
even though she sees her in Primary every week at church.
But eventually she did, and we are so glad.
This is my favorite of the whole family.
I can't tell which one of Sour Cream's pictures is my favorite.
Every expression is so true to life; I get them every day as he is trying to be big
but still struggles because he's small.

 He finally cheered up a little when I put his brother on his lap.

Cheddar loves to play with his tongue, so this is perfect. 

 Pretty Tomato.
 Just the boys.

 If only they got along this well every day.... 

And a couple more for good measure.

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Melissa said...

So, so beautiful. I love them. You all look so great. Thanks for postingThem.