Friday, November 1, 2013

It's About TIme & Halloween

I have not been interested in blogging for months.
It was a task to convince myself to write the last post, and it's
been this long before I've really thought about posting another.
I don't know why that is.
I even stopped reading blogs, even though I love, love, love
to read the blog posts of my friends and see what you are up to.
And I missed a lot, which makes me sad.
But I can't go back and change my actions.

We've had a lot going on around here since summer, even though there
are so many days that it doesn't feel like it.
But I'm not feeling well today, so it's a lazy day and perfect to get
back to blogging, right?

And I'm going to start small.
The girls, of course, wanted to be princesses for Halloween.
And they, of course, wanted to be pink and purple princesses.
So I headed to the fabric store and bought fleece, since it was on sale
and I thought it'd be nice and warm for a costume.
I bought two yards of each color & had plenty of fabric, so these dresses
were $8 a piece, and then I'll probably make some new winter hats with the rest.
 I just used some elastic and felt from my fabric stash to make the crowns, after
finding a great tutorial and pattern online somewhere.
 The boys were all going to be grandpas, and we were going to cut Sour Cream's 
hair into a grandpa style (shave the top bald), but I never made it to
the thrift store to find him or daddy a sweater for their costume, so I ended up
improvising.  He wore his jeans, plaid coat, winter hat, and I made a quick
felt axe so he could be a lumberjack.
I tried putting some makeup on his face to give him a goatee, but he resisted
and it looked like a bunch of gunk, so I wiped it off and we were out the door.
And the baby, of course, hated his outfit.  But he was warm
and it was in our costume box.

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Rob and Becca Bingham said...

I've been in the same blogging rut as you. It took a lot to finally blog about the birth of our little one. I think about blogging a lot, but that is as far as it usually gets.