Saturday, September 7, 2013


We are now a family of six!

Here's my sweet Baby B, who will be referred to on this
blog as Cheddar.

We didn't really tell too many people that we were expecting, so don't feel
bad if you were out of the loop.
Of course we told our families (but not until around week 22),
and people who could see my belly could tell, but that's about it.

He was actually early (he wasn't due until next week), which is a new experience for me.
He was born when I was 38 weeks along, and all the rest have been late.
I woke up early one morning, when Kidney Bean's alarm was going off.
He was delaying getting out of bed and after the snooze woke me up one too
many times, I gave him a nudge.  But then I realized that Sour Cream was crying.
I wasn't too happy about being the one to take care of him, since I 
didn't really need to get up and face the day yet, but I went and helped him out.

When I went back to bed, my belly hurt a little, but I figured it was just a normal pain,
since I was long into the uncomfortable stage already.
But then I decided to head to the bathroom and my water broke.
So I went downstairs quickly and told Kidney Bean what happened.
He had just started digging into his eggs, sausage, and toast, but he left those behind
and got dressed while I tried to get ahold of someone who could come over
and watch our sleeping kids.
I really didn't want a repeat of last time & having them come to the hospital in the wee
small hours of the morning.

Luckily, I had a friend who was able to come over before she had to go to work.
She showed up quickly and we rushed off, hoping to make it.
The contractions were strong and coming fast, but I wasn't 
yelling and yelling while we drove, so I was feeling pretty good.

We arrived at the maternity ward about the same time as two other women, and
for some reason there was only one nurse available.  We were somehow
chosen as the 'lucky' ones who were attended to last.
I was sitting on an exam table in the Triage room for more than 20 minutes before she 
was able to come and check on us.
My contractions were about 2 minutes apart and she did all the admitting stuff and we
walked down to a delivery room.

Things went really well.  And my doctor was the one on call that morning, starting
just about the time that I delivered.  He walked in the room, 
took off his coat, washed his hands, and it was time.
I was yelling and yelling as I pushed, but then I think I was a little distracted
by the pain because the next thing I knew, a nurse had grabbed me by
the shoulders and shouted, "HEY!!  You need to focus and bear down!"
So I nodded at her and did.
And out he came.
A tiny little 6 pounds, 13 ounces.

And now it's about two weeks later and we are both doing great.
And here's some more pictures of this new little cutie, including one where
he and Sour Cream are introduced.


Melissa said...

Wow it sounds a little crazy with not being attended to and such. I'm glad your doctor was there though. That's great news.
He's JUST PERFECT. So handsome and so sweet and little.
I'm glad he's here and he's doing great.
Miss you guys.

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! We are getting ready for our little one to arrive and I am don't think I am ready to have this one that early. I have too many things I need to get done before she can come, like move! What a precious boy and how exciting for your little boys to be together.

Frantz Family said...

holy cow Missy! When did this all happen?? dang, I was WAY out of the loop.

Congrats, and good luck with four.

Anna said...

Wahooooo! Happy he is here and healthy. Don't forget i'm close!

Emily said...

Congrats! He is so precious and little.

Sister Tara Bowen said...

I was out of the loop too. Someone was asking if you just had a baby and I let them know you had a baby shortly after moving from Ammon. I was sure surprised by this post! We need to email with each other so i can actually know your kids' names.