Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Baby

This little boy has us all enthralled.
Such a darling, sweet boy.
He is a good eating, the best sleeping baby we've had - has often gone
more than 8 hours at night, and even went
12 a few nights ago...before the latest growth spurt hit and now he's eating around the clock.

 The sticky-up-hair is all natural.
Some of the people at church have commented on how much their older sons
wish their hair would stick up like this cute stuff.

And of course he's all smiles until I pull out the camera, then 
he is all serious.  This boy has a great smile and laugh.
He always has one for this older sisters.

On the way back from Idaho, we were able to stop and see Daddy's grandpa.
It was great to relax and be comfortable while
I fed the baby.  And of course, we all enjoy
seeing Grandpa.

Friday, June 22, 2012

TV Console

As much as I love our couch,
my favorite thing in the front room is
our tv console:

We started building this right after we moved here,
and it was done just before 
our son was born.

And for some sad reason, I forgot to post it.  This is the surprise from the garage
that I talked about when I posted pictures of our
first floor.

We got the plan for it free from Ana White.  We will use it like 
this until we are ready to complete it, at which time
it will look similar to the one she made here.
We liked hers so much we used a similar paint color.
And one great thing about the hundreds and hundreds of plans on her site 
(in case you've never been there):
they are all FREE!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Best Couch Ever

We bought a couch from some family friends.
And it might just be the best couch you've ever seen.

I know it's my favorite.

And it can seat a TON of people.  

The first time I saw it was at a party at said friend's lake house.
There were a bunch of women for a ladies night/sleepover
and we were able to fit quite the crowd around and play games
and talk.
And talk and talk...did I mention it was a bunch of women?

I will quit stalling and share this beauty with you.
 The girls obviously love it.

And the two ends that have no back have wheels, which enable you to move them away or
into the center, for a full half circle!!
And it fits perfectly in our large front room.
It's quite strange for the house not to be so empty, since we 
moved our other couch into the fireplace room.

But I'm sure we'll adjust just fine.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why We LOVE Stephanie

My sister is a superb aunt.  She teaches the kids all about having fun.
We had a great two weeks visiting my parents & Stephanie
while Daddy was in Boise, Idaho with the Army.
 Tooty and Steph washed the cars.
 Do you think she likes it?  No doubt, especially after watching her below.
I don't mind the screaming when it's 
because the kids are delighted - it sounds totally different
when they are angry, even though it's basically the same scream.
 She's willing to read and read and read.
 She lets the girls do her makeup.
 And had a tea party in the backyard, complete
with fancy dresses.
I was talking to Papa during the party, so I was just able to snap a
few after shots.

Thanks Stephanie!  

We love you!