Monday, January 23, 2012

Tooty's Thoughts

While we were getting ready for moving and celebrating Christmas, our family did a LOT of traveling from Idaho Falls to northern Idaho to visit family.  During one of our trips while we were staying at my parent's house, Tooty was waiting to have her nails painted by my sister.  She was sitting at the kitchen counter and playing with the green, red, and white polish.  The others in the area were not paying too much attention to her, but the polishes had voices and were talking to each other.  Suddenly, a little bit louder than everything else she was saying, she declared, "Step back, Red!" 

Apparently the red polish was causing someone problems. 

And when we asked her what we should name her upcoming sibling, she thinks 'Trick or Treat' is a good idea.


Melissa said...

I like trick or treat to be the blog name. I think it's perfect.
Do you know if it's a boy or girl? I seem to remember you NOT finding out right?
I wonder what the red was doing?

Fab Five said...

Very sneaky! But congratulations!!!

Roxy said...

congrats on baby 3!!!!

Sun said...

Congratulations!! When are you due?