Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Do You Know This Website?

A few months ago, I stumbled across a website that is about homes.  It might be about the lady's family, too, but I know she does interior design.  And for around $30, you give her the dimensions/pictures of your room or something like that and she will design the room for you.  I think she's back east somewhere.

Also, in order to save $30, are you any good at furniture placement/design ideas?  If we get this house, I have no idea how to arrange the living/family rooms that connect and are right at the entry.

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Fab Five said...

I've never heard of her but I would totally pay her! That's been a challenge for us too, trying to figure how to work with our spaces. For me, it just took living in it for a while and just trying out different arrangements. Don't hang anything on the walls until you're satisfied with the arrangement. And we got some of that grafting paper and measured everything out and cut out little couches and tables and that was an easier way then moving the furniture around. I'd love to help in anyway that I can! Good luck!