Monday, January 16, 2012

Need Some Advice!

Okay, it's been sooooo long since I've posted, and soooo many things have been happening for us.  But I need some advice about something.

We've moved to the Seattle area (surprise!), and are feeling really good about buying a house!  Here's the problem - with the budget that we'd like to spend, the homes are in the lesser of the 2 school districts around here.  (The good one is ranked in the top 50 in Washington, and the other is around 120 out of 280 total districts). 

I have been looking into homeschooling for a couple years now, and gotten pretty serious about it the last year or so (have been doing a preschool at home for Tooty for a couple months now, and we love it), so the school district doesn't really have too much bearing on us, but a LOT on the potential to sell the house later on.

So, looking at resale value (in many years, of course - we wouldn't buy if we weren't confident of staying put for at least 4 years), is it a horrible idea for us to purchase in the lesser school district?  Is that like shooting ourselves in the foot?  The specific school doesn't matter, because they allow you to attend any in the district that you want, so it's just a matter of being in the same district. 

What do you think?  Would you knowingly buy in a lower scoring district?


Melissa said...

Ok so why the move?
How long have you been there?
Tough call man.
Is the house in good shape.
People like to buy a house that they can just move into and not have to do up, that's always selling point.
Not on a main road, fenced back yard, kitchen?
I'd look more at WHAT the actual house is like rather than the school district.
Is it in a good neighbourhood?
That's something else people will want as well.
If it's not in a good neighbourhood then I'd stay away.

Fab Five said...

I don't know if this is still an issue, but for me personally, I wouldn't care too much about the ranking if I really loved the house and neighborhood. But that's a tough call! Good luck!