Friday, December 17, 2010

A Short Conversation

The girls and I spent most of this past week at my parents' house in northern Idaho.  While we were waiting for dinner to be ready, Tooty was playing with Grandpa.  And she was talking up a storm!  My favorite part of the conversation went as follows:

"Yeah.  And tomorrow I'm going to school."


"Yes.  I will wear panties and go to school all day.  Tomorrow."

-- What kind of school?

"Playground school." 

--You have to be big to go to school.

"Yeah, tall tall up to the ceiling.  Like a giant."

Right before we left Michigan, we took a day trip to check out Grand Haven.  We had heard it's a great place, and it was beautiful.  While we were driving around, Tooty pointed out a playground and asked if we could stop.  I told her no, and that it was a school playground so only kids who went to school could play on it that day.  And when she said she wanted to go to school, we told her that she needs to start wearing panties first - unfortunately, that's where her interest in potty training ends.  She doesn't care about it unless she can go to school...hopefully it won't take 2 more years!


Melissa said...

For sure we all hope it doesn't take 2 years LOL
Cute, cute.

The Crandizzles said...

Good luck with that! We're about to take on that challenge with Reese! At least she's cute and funny, right?