Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Things

It's been just under a month since I last posted (and by just under a month, I of course mean 1 day less).  We've had a lot of things going on and one of those has been me neglecting the internet and blogging.  Daddy quit his great job where we were living in Michigan and I was spending time with him rather than online much.  We are back in Idaho where we went to school, since it's a lot less expensive to live here and we won't have the same income.  Daddy is looking for work and we are enjoying spending time together as a family.

And it's a good thing that we all get along well, since our 3 bedroom that we rented sight-unseen is's basically a 2 bedroom that was remodeled into 3, with the addition of a hall.  The bedrooms are so small, it feels like we are back in the trailer we lived in when we were first married.  But the price is right. 

We just got home from seeing the Holiday Light Parade on Main Street.  It was great.  Big Sister was scared of the first few entries (the police car and the fire engine) due to the flashing lights and siren noises.  But after Daddy showed her there was candy being thrown out and Mommy showed her that it's fun to wave at the people in the parade, she really warmed up to it. 

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Melissa said...

Aww I remember going to that and freezing my butt off.
Sorry about the crap apartment.