Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Weekend

Daddy, unfortunately, has been working like a madman for the last while...it's too bad he doesn't get overtime, because he has put in 2 14-hour days and several over 10.  Kinda crazy. 

But we decided to go all out on Saturday...we went out to lunch and then headed to Nelis' Dutch Village, a local place that celebrates the Dutch history of our town.  The best part?  It was FREE!!  I love when military people are shown that kind of gratitude!  So instead of just getting Tooty in free with her pass from the library summer reading program, we all did.  

But I forgot the camera, which is sad, but since the price is so good for us, we might head back before they close for the season and bring the camera this time.  

First we watched some Dutch dancers, and one of them is one of my MiaMaids from church!  I didn't even know she worked there, and I looked up and there she was.  

Then we checked out the carousel, then the swing ride (and Tooty was big enough to ride in a swing right next to me), and then this crazy cart ride that wasn't electric - she had to do the work, but luckily the girl running the ride gave her several big pushes to get around the track.

We also took a look at the goats - we didn't take any for a walk (a super popular attraction there), but we looked at them for a little while.  They attach the goat to a leash and people of all ages take a stroll around the park with them for as long as they want.  It reminded me of one of my aunt's who had a goat that she used take on walks along with her dog.  Except that goat was really chubby and these were not.  They also had some super cute baby goats - SO SMALL!!  

Those are the main attractions that we checked out - we had already been to the shops (since they are free anytime, Tooty and I went with her grandma's when they were in town).

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