Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End of the Binky?

Not quite.  
I've decided it's an old wives tale that cutting off the tip of a binky renders it undesirable.
Tooty's binky is on the right, and it has been in this condition for months!
Baby Girl's binky, on the left, is there so you can see that we have cut off  more than an inch, and Tooty
still insists on using it.  I don't even think it can get any farther into her mouth than her lips.
Tooty's new favorite activity?  "Washing her hands."
She heads into the bathroom with a stool so she can reach the tap and the sink 
and will play for about an hour in the water.  Usually it's not too bad,
but last week we had the wettest bathroom and the wettest girl yet.
Notice the lighter shade near her ankle?  That's the only 
dry spot to be found that day.
I don't typically allow her to change her clothes after playing in the water, 
but I did relent that day.

And speaking of binky's....
when I took Tooty in to bed the other day, this is what I found.
Her favorite sleepmate taking a nap and sharing her binky.
Such a loving girl!
If she can't sleep without one, why should anyone else have to?

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sethandlacey said...

We did that with Weston's binki and it didn't work. One day we accidentally sucked it up with the vacuum and Weston was there to witness it. That solved the problem. No way to get the binki back...