Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Scissors Allowed

Well, I'm sure some of you can guess what this post is about.
Tomato decided to cut Olive's hair several days ago.  It was
either last Friday or Saturday.
And although it's about half gone, she did it in such a way
that you can't really tell unless you're close to her.
So I guess that's good.
But there's really no fixing it, either.
So we are just going to wait it out.
I discovered hair in the garbage that morning and asked where it came from.
"We found it."
"On the floor."
And then I realized how much hair there actually was in the
garbage can and demanded to know where on the floor it was found.
Then I took away the scissor privileges that anyone may have had.
And for your enjoyment:

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Melissa said...

Oh my goodness man that's so not fixable Hahaha. Oh man what a story. What do you even do eith that? That really was for mt entertainment. That's one of the best sissors cuts I've seen.