Thursday, December 18, 2014

Car Search

We are in the midst of one of our least favorite activities....
searching for a new car.
One of the problems is we don't really know what we want,
as long as it has a back seat.
It will mainly be used for getting to and from work,
but we want the option of taking kids along.
The other main problem is that people want so much money for their cars
around here.
Seriously, most people are asking at least $1000 over the
blue book price, even for cars that are in bad shape.
I saw an ad online the other day for a car that doesn't run,
needs a ton of work, has a lot of miles,
and has body problems to top it off.  They want $1500 for that thing!!
When we lived in Idaho, that would've been worth about $500 or so.
It's a pain.
Especially since we are only available in the mornings to look at something.
But one of these days, we'll find something.
Which will be awesome!
Because then I can meet Tomato after school and drive to get her,
instead of pushing a double stroller and walking with
a 4-year-old who slows to a snail's pace anytime she feels like it.
In the rain.
I'm hoping we can find one during Christmas break, which
would mean that tomorrow would be our last day of rain walking;
at least until it's my turn to get the group at the top of the hill.

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Melissa said...

Oh man what a hassel. Good luck and I hope you find the car of your dreams hahaha