Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Potty Time

I do not like potty training.
But once again, the time is upon us.
I am a firm believer in waiting until my child is ready before
starting to help them learn to use the toilet.
Yes, even if it means waiting until they are four, like
my oldest was.

Olive was really interested in learning how last August, three weeks before
my due date with our youngest.  But I didn't think that she'd be able to learn quickly
And not revert once the baby came, so I made her wait.  But she was quite 
insistent, so we let her try it when Cheddar was a week old.
But it was too difficult for me to remember to help her as often as she needed it
on top of taking care of a tiny baby.  And she was having a lot of accidents.
And flooded the downstairs bathroom.
Which was the last straw.
I calmly explained to her that we needed to wait until she was a little older and that
we could try again after Christmas.

Whip hick brings us to today.
Day two.
And it's not too bad.  The misses have been less than the successes,
which I call a success.
And I'm hoping it works this time around.  It'll be nice to only have two in diapers again.

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Melissa said...

Good luck Missy. I hope it goes really well.