Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Blitz Month

According to my list of unique holidays,
January is 
Book Blitz Month

I looked up what that's supposed to mean and it's basically
to encourage people to pick up a book
and read at least one this month.
But that seems misleading to me, or at least not enough;
isn't a blitz supposed to be a bunch of something?
So for me, I'm taking it to mean
read as many books as I possibly can.
So far, I've finished two and am more than halfway through
a third.  And I'm loving it.

Would you care to join me?
At least in reading one?


Melissa said...

Can I substitute it for a knitting blitz?
So far I've knitted a pair of slippers and I'm about to start some leg warmers for my neice?
It's one or the other man and I've already started knitting?
Maybe I'll do books next month. My list of books is growing into quite the pile.

Missy! said...

Sure, you can do a knitting blitz. You should let me know what's in your book pile in case I run low around here.

Frantz Family said...

Per your recommendation, Ty and I are book blitzing! I have finished 8 this month and he has finished 2. Not to mention the countless Children's books...I can't count how many of those I have read. Thanks for the challenge. Also, livy is wearing the dress you made her, totally cute!