Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Eventful Weekend, take 2

So it was another busy, family-filled weekend.
It started with a cast for my little Sour Cream.
Here we are in the waiting area before his appointment with the 
Orthopedic doctor.
 And here he is the next day when we were visiting my parents.
He ended up with a spiral fracture on his tibia.
But the good news is, it wasn't too serious and he's young enough that
he should be able to get it taken off next week!

The cast wasn't the only thing keeping us busy...as
soon as Sour Cream and I got home from the doctor, we loaded the family up
and headed to Idaho for my little brother's second wedding reception.
I had thought about going alone, or the whole family staying home.
But since it would've left me the only one of my mom's kids not attending, we made the trip.
We pulled in to her house just after 11.
Tired kids.  Grumpy family.
And then found out we were all sharing one room.
It was a disaster.  I think the kids were finally all asleep around 1:30.

Once the afternoon hit and Sour Cream had a nap, followed by everyone eating
a good lunch, our moods were lifted.
The girls headed outside with Kidney Bean to have some fun.
And my oldest brother had his kids there, so they had a lot of fun seeing their cousins.

Here are some shots from the reception - it was super cute!
My mom and aunt and sister made 7 different flavors of homemade marshmallows
for the s'more bar.

And of course we had to get all of us in a picture together.
I don't know how long it's been since we've all been together.

The trip home was surprisingly pleasant.
It helped that the girls slept better Saturday night, we had a big breakfast,
they had lunch right before we left, and were tired enough to sleep 
for at least 1/3 of the trip.
We stopped near a Columbia River overlook to have some milk
and graham crackers...leftovers from the wedding.

I sure am looking home to a nice weekend at home!


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

A s'more bar, now that is awesome! I did not even know there were so many different kinds of marshmallows. Now I want to make one for my home. Some day, I love s'mores!

Frantz Family said...

seriously, sorry about the cast...that stinks! where did your mom get the smores bar? It is AWESOME and I need to borrow it, rent it or make it!!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures.
You look great and I love the reception idea.
Pity I only saw the back of the bride :P
She has a lovely back however!!