Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Eventful Weekend

We had quite the weekend.
And it started on Thursday & isn't quite over.
But today was nice and quiet ... so far.

My little brother got married on Saturday, in the Seattle LDS Temple.
Which is the reason for most of the busyness.
On Thursday, I went to the temple to be there the first
time his wife went.  It was really nice, although a little stressful because
of the crazy traffic.  I almost missed it because it took
45 minutes to get about 5 miles.  I'm glad I don't live in Bellevue.
After the temple, I went to say hello to my parents, who had just arrived
at their hotel.  And I picked up my sister and brought her home with me.
It was a great surprise for my kids on Friday to wake up
to their aunt!
She painted their nails, of course, and we all had a nice morning.
That afternoon, we had a babysitter come over and
I headed back to Bellevue with my husband & sister for the rehearsal dinner.
We knew it would be a late night & opted for a babysitter so our kids would be happy
on Saturday.  And what a great decision that was!
We ate at a pizza place, where my mom & two of her sisters performed a rap that
my mom wrote in honor of my brother.
And we had an aunt & uncle sing a song about love for them, too.
It was great.

On Saturday, we got up, had breakfast & got everyone cleaned up and ready to go.
I didn't want them wearing their wedding clothes all day, so I made sure
to pack an extra bag with everything in them.  And the only 
thing I messed up with that is I forgot the girls' shoes.  So they wore their 
everyday shoes.  Oh, well.
And I brought the wrong headband for my daughter, but she ended up wanting
to wear one of the ones I remembered, so it worked out okay.

We stopped by the church to say hello to my mom & her sisters, who were putting
the wedding cake together.
Then ate lunch.  Then went back to the church to change our clothes. 
Then we went to the temple.  My sister watched the kids in the waiting room, since
they aren't able to go inside.
It was a beautiful wedding.

After pictures outside, we went back to the church, since the reception started
in about 45 minutes.  There were a few family members who were able to travel
long distances to come, and it was really great to see them.
One of my mom's sisters wasn't able to make it, but the rest of her siblings came.
And we had two cousins who brought their families along.
On Sunday, I had a tough time staying awake during sacrament meeting.
But I did it.  I think it helped that I had to get up halfway through and sing with the choir.
Our next adventure started right before we ate our early Sunday dinner.
Since we get out of church at 230, we started eating a bigger meal as an early dinner, and
then give the kids a sandwich right before bedtime.  It's been really great.
Especially when I remember to do a crock pot meal.
But I digress...
While I was getting the food ready, poor little Sour Cream started screaming.
It was definitely a hurt cry, so I put down what I was doing and went to find him.
He was curled up on the floor, in an awkward fetal position.  We usually try not to pick the
kids up when they are hurt, so we know that they can move on their own.  But he was
too upset to try to move, so I carefully pulled him onto my lap.

He didn't settle down until Kidney Bean took over the cuddling.
And then promptly fell asleep on him.
It took us a while to decide what would be the best course of action
when he was still complaining about his leg a couple hours later, but we opted to have him checked out.
Of course, it was the time of day that all of the urgent care facilities in town were closed, so
off Sour Cream & I went to the ER.

He wasn't complaining much about it, but I had utilized the toll-free, 24/7
nurse hotline that our insurance provides & the one I spoke to urged that he be checked out within
the next 6 hours.
It took SO LONG to get out of the waiting area, which was super lame.
My poor boy sat on my lap for two hours in the waiting room, then got so sick of it that he 
insisted on getting down on the floor.  Which I'll admit I let him do, even though I wasn't sure
I really wanted him down there.
But have I mentioned that he's about 25 pounds?
It took another hour before we were called back.
He had two x-rays done, but the dr couldn't see any break or fracture, but
he said it was inconclusive about the fracture.  So we are supposed to follow-up
with his regular doctor in the next 1-2 days.
BUT, it was a holiday yesterday, so we weren't able to go.
And the only option we were given is today at 4, which is in three more hours.

My poor guy.  He was just learning how to stand & so excited at the possibility of walking.
But he refuses to put any weight on his right leg, so standing is really awkward &
when he tries, it usually ends in tears.  
And screams.
And cuddles.
Wish us luck!  Hopefully it'll heal quickly.
So he'll be back to doing this soon:


Melissa said...

Man that sucks poor guy. I hope it gets explained soon. Clearly it's sore so it has to be something right?
Sounds like apart from the couple of hiccups the trip was great.

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

First of all, you look so much like your mom! Second, I hope you can find out what is going on! After several days with it still hurting it must be something. It is so hard when they cannot talk!