Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Backyard Progress - Retaining Wall

 We (of course I mean Kidney Bean) dug a trench and filled most of it with gravel.
 Here's the view of the remaining gravel and the drainage pipe that will
be behind the retaining wall.
 We ordered 46 (!) boards from the hardware store and had them
delivered - which enabled us to see an awesome fork lift.
Three big wheels - you could tell it can do the tough stuff.

Thank you to our neighbor who saw Kidney Bean carrying the boards and came
over to help carry them all to the backyard.  It was no easy task.
They are heavy!  I can help move one, sort of.
 Here's the stack of boards at the end of that night.
And here's what it looks like today.  We have one row of boards all the way across,
with the second row almost done.  Although as I type this, Kidney Bean is still
out there finishing row two.

What a guy.


Fab Five said...

Don't you just love being a home owner!? :)

Melissa said...

LOoks great guys.