Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gross & Delicious

When we moved to the Seattle area, I didn't realize that I would
have to deal with things like this:
It was a bit of an unwelcome surprise to look at the patio door and see
a creepy-crawly making its way up the door.
Luckily that's been the only one, and also it's nice to know about that
possibility before we make the backyard nice and want to run barefoot.

I don't think I'll be doing that here.  I can wait until we visit family
in Idaho.

On another note, tonight we are having a 'Pie' night for Relief Society.
We were encouraged to bring pie.  I wanted something unique, but
not necessarily a quiche or pizza pie.  So I looked and looked for inspiration and found it:

Bite-Size Cherry Pie

Super cute and delicious.
I found the idea here, from notmartha.

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