Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Poppy wasn't able to come home, afterall.
She had several fits of unconsolable crying over the weekend,
one of which lasted for about 5 hours.  We weren't around for it & the 
nurses passed her back and forth among them, but nothing could help her.
They felt like she was in pain because of the way she was
acting when she was crying & the shrillness of the cry.
So we were happy to be told during rounds that they wanted her to stay longer
to try to see what could be done for her.
And we had been feeling like they were kind of pushing us out a little too soon, also.
They didn't have a solid feeding plan in place & we haven't yet been
told much about how to take care of her g-tube,
and she hasn't been gaining any weight since she's been transferred.
She is still hovering right around 6 pounds.
So as difficult as it is to have her still in the hospital, especially one that is 90
minutes away in good traffic (and using the carpool lane), we are
glad that she's getting the extra attention that she seems to need right now.

And her doctor called me tonight to say that she has a fever,
which if she was home would force us to the ER, so we are extra glad
that she's there.  Having a broviac line puts her at extra risk of 
major problems with any fever, so anytime that she has one in the future,
we will have to get to the ER as soon as possible and not leave until
several tests are run to make sure that things are ok.


Melissa said...

Man that's kinda an array of emotions aye. You want your poppy home but also want her to be ok and the hospital is the place for it. Good luck missy. At the end of the day we just want a healthy poppy. I hope things can continue to work out as they have. I'm glad she's getting good care.

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

Oh wow, that is quite a drive. I will be praying for her and for you all as you prepared to take her home. Hope the next time they plan to send her home you all are feeling better about things.

Ben and Jade said...

So many prayers and so many virtual hugs headed your way. On the one hand, what a remarkable time we live in when they have all these interventions and surgeries -- these crazy extensive surgeries on such a tiny little baby! And on the other hand, how scary and helpless and stressful this must all feel. You are in our prayers -- you, Poppy, your entire family, those supporting you. So much love wafting your way! If there's anything more hand's on, temporal we can do, please PLEASE let us know.

Unknown said...

Your in our hearts and mind Poppy, James, Missy and family. Hope and pray that good things converge and make Poppy comfortable and moving to toward her recovery and improvement goals. James I was on break we you said hi the other day. I will try to call this weekend to chat.

Best Regards,

Jeremy, Sarah and family