Friday, July 12, 2013

Sweet Boy

My sweet little Sour Cream.
He's becoming quite the little gentleman.
Yesterday right after dinner, I asked Olive to bring me 
the rag so I could help her get cleaned up.
She had washed herself, but missed some ketchup on her face.
As has become the norm for her the past week or so, she said 'no' and started crying.
I told her that she needed to go get the rag and get cleaned up or she'd be dirty all night.

Well, little Sour Cream saw her crying and toddled over to her - 
BTW, he's now walking!! - 
and as I watched him, I could see that he knew she was sad.
He almost gave her a hug, in the form of bending his head down to her, and
then he stood up and walked off into the kitchen.

We read scriptures as a family together after dinner, and 
Daddy was helping Tomato read her verse.  I was
watching Sour Cream come back over to the living room, and he was 
carrying the rag that I had asked Olive for earlier.
I watched as Olive sat up when he touched her and he
shoved the rag into her face, trying to clean her up.
 I interrupted the reading so Daddy could watch this touching display
of affection and love that our little 15 month old boy was demonstrating.
She cheered up while Daddy ran for the camera, but he was done cleaning by then.

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Melissa said...

Great to record down things like this.