Monday, February 11, 2013

She Thought it was Lotion

Poor little Olive.
I'm sure she had fun in the beginning, but
later realized it was not a good thing.

This is how Kidney Bean found her after naptime the other day:

And while she thought it was lotion, it was actually
more than half a tube of Desitin.

She apparently emptied one drawer of her dresser, turned
it upside-down, used it as a stool, and grabbed the tube from
the window.  She put the box back eventually, as you can see.
It ended up up and down her arms, on her clothes, on the wall,
the bed, the carpet....oh man, what a mess.

It also happened during the week that Kidney Bean was working
nights.  He was about to leave, but was hoping that I
needed help getting things back in order, so he could call in and be a bit late.
But I didn't think it would be too bad, so we sent him
on his way.  And Olive went straight to
the tub.

I should've been a little more diligent in making sure the Desitin
stayed out of her hair when we took off her dress.
It took a few phone conversations with my mom, who had the internet
handy, 3 washes with kids' shampoo, and one with adult shampoo.
By the end of the tub, she was cold, and her hair was not longer streaked with white.
But it was greasy for a few more days until we were really able
to wash it all out.

Little rascal.


Melissa said...

Oh man what a nightmare.
Glad it eventually came out.

Adam & Rachel said...

Bleh what a mess! BUT at lease you got an incredibly cute picture out of it! Love the pre-bath picture!