Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Floor

 The long-awaited day has arrived (like you've all been holding your breath for the last month just to see what our house looks like - HA!).  Here's the nickel tour:

First living room (you can see the front door in the right-hand corner of the picture on the left).  The boxes are empty (except for hundreds and hundreds of pieces of packing paper), and just waiting for the moving guys who said they would come back and get them sometime.

Here's the next living room, which is basically completely open to the first, via a wide archway.  There's the fireplace in the corner, which really makes me wonder how to arrange furniture if and when we ever buy some.  If you stand at the front door, you can clearly see the fireplace. 

The second living room leads to the dining room and kitchen.  

 To the left of the diaper box in the bottom corner, there's an awkwardly shaped half bath.

Here's our first major purchase for the house - a fridge!  We tried and tried to figure out what we wanted in a fridge, and were wooed by many really, really, REALLY nice ones.  But in the end, we went with the inexpensive route, and we are quite happy with what we ended up.  I felt ridiculous while we were shopping, since we were only looking at stainless steel (which is nice, but definitely not my first choice), but since all the other appliances are ss, I didn't want to buy a fridge that didn't fit in.  Because then it might be sad.

Finally, to the left of the fridge is a door, and the picture of the pantry is taken from just outside the door.  It leads to the garage (the door is just outside the picture, on the left).  I didn't take a picture of the garage because it's a pretty typical 2-car garage, full of stuff.  And we are also working on something out there that we're not quite ready to reveal.


Emily said...

New houses are fun! It took me forever to unpack the last time we moved. I wanted to get everything in the right place. Also, you will be surprised at how fast it gets filled up with stuff!

Melissa said...

Man that is so big!!!!
And you haven't even shown us the bedrooms yet.
I LOVE the kitchen. Apparently there's a pledge product that keeps ss pretty clean from fingerprints.
What's the big reveal in the garage?
Anyway thanks for showing us.
I've been waiting.

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

How fun to have a new house! I love seeing these things because it is such exciting stuff! Enjoy all that extra space!

Super Angie said...

It looks great! How exciting!!!

Tara, Doug, Isaac, and Lucy said...

And now I can stop holding my breath! Your place is enormous! Your kitchen layout is the same as mine, so I feel some kinship there. Love that you're posting updates!