Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Are Alive

We are alive and well (except for James, who is currently in QuickCare with a tummyache).  But we all survived the move to SE Idaho, and are absolutely THRILLED to be living together again.  The girls have been doing so much better, especially Tooty, although she has decided that the best thing to do it to completely ignore my voice unless she needs something.  Which is not my favorite.  I have some pictures of some stuff we've been up to, but they are still on the camera. 

I wish that some things could just be decided for us.  We have had an amazing opportunity fall into our laps, but are currently living in a pretty great opportunity.  So how do we decide which one we should pursue?  Would you mind making up my mind for me and I will pass that along during the discussion later?  That'd be great.


Melissa said...

Ahh Missy the 'adult' decisions we constantly have to make are tough right? You're a great person, one of best, you'll do the right thing I'm sure of it.
Sorry about the 'ignoring' from Tooty, that is tough.

The Crandizzles said...

Glad to hear that you're still alive and enjoying I.F. Good luck with the tough decisions! I think they just get harder and harder!