Monday, April 25, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that we stayed at my parent's house
for Easter.  When Tooty goes to bed, she has a
routine.  And I'm not talking about
her bath, book, and prayer routine - I'm talking about the routine
words that MUST be said.

If we put her in bed and don't say, "Sweet dreams," or
"I love you, too," she will be out of bed
in seconds, demanding help to get back in.

Last night, after the usual words, she wanted an extra hug.
Of course, I obliged - it's often like pulling teeth to get her to hug us back.
And as I kissed her and turned to leave, she said,
"You're my best girl."

Oh yeah!  My heart soared!
Especially since we were at my mom's house, who is Tooty's
absolutely, no-question-about-it, favorite favorite
person in the world.

But I'm her best girl.