Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feeling Better

Here's a riddle - what feels like pregnancy, makes you tired like pregnancy, but isn't pregnancy?

If you know the answer, please let me know.  I'm not expecting a baby, but my body seems to think that I am!  I have been needing AND taking a nap for almost 2 weeks.  Now, this last week, I'm not really sure if I should count it because I was recovering from a cold that Cupcake so kindly passed off...but the week before that, you could find me under a blanket on the couch right after lunch.  Lucky for me, Daddy's schedule allows me to do that.

Speaking of Daddy's schedule, he has an interview coming up next week.  And I get to tag along!!  Woohoo!  It's like a mini-vacation, especially since the girls are going to Grandma & Papa's house.  Oh, yeah - 2 nights in a hotel.  AND since Daddy will be dining out with the company the 2nd night, I get to order Chinese food.  Woohoo again!  I'm a little excited.

Wish us luck!


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

I'm really excited for you! Good luck in solving your riddle! I've felt like that before but am usually under the weather or eating too much junk and not enough fresh produce.

Emily said...

Mono. Have you been licking door handles? Wahoo on mini-vacation. It is my favorite to travel when Paul goes. Especially if it's in the city and I get to go shopping!

Melissa said...

Sorry that you're feeling low on energy.
Are you getting enough fluids?
Enough sleep?
Taking your vitamins?
Eating right?
Getting enough protein?
Have fun with your hubby.
Maybe when you get back you really WILL be pregnant ;)

Roxy said...

so here are a few suggestions. You diet could be a major factor. Try eating more protein like steaks and eggs (watch eggs for the cholesterol). Another thing could be your iron level could be low try spinach or bananas. Another thing could be that your body was fighting that cold before you were showing symptoms or even some other virus. Last thing I could think of would be if you are stressed or worried and not sleeping well at night. I hope you get it figured out soon!
Have fun on your mini vacation!