Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Play A Game...

...of Catch-Up!

I wish I could say that I haven't posted because things have been so hectic and crazy and I'm so exhausted from all the running around we have been doing and just haven't had time, but that would be a big, fat lie.  Things have been busy, but I've just been procrastinating and then three weeks have passed and I had better get back into it before I lose the handful of people that read this.

September is always a busy month for us, as well as an exciting one.  Three out of four people in our family have their birthday during September.  But first, Labor Day. 

I have never lived somewhere that had so many parades as they do here in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  Seriously.  If there is a reason to have a parade, at least one town will do it.  It's great.  On Labor Day, there is a big rig parade, celebrating all the hard-working local companies that employ so many.  This is how Tooty spent the whole time.  She was really excited about it until the trucks actually showed up and were honking.  She promptly covered her mouth and wouldn't move her hands until we assured her the whole thing was over.
 Next came her birthday...the big 3!  We had a couple of her friends from downstairs come over.  I didn't want to make a big cake, so I gave her the option of several shapes and she chose a star with chocolate frosting.  It was delicious.
 And of course, at age 3, a birthday is all about the presents.  She received 2 presents in the mail the day after the party.  Here are two pictures that express her feelings:

 She kinda liked it.

During FHE a couple weeks ago, we sat at the kitchen table rather than on the couch and Daddy asked me to define a term that we were using.  I think he didn't know how to explain a goal to a toddler.  While I was explaining it and we were coming up with goals for each family member, Tooty reached over to Daddy and held his hand the entire time.  She said they were "best friends".  So, so cute.  Especially since she is such a Mommy's girl.
 We went to a county fair the next week - on $1 day.  $1 per person for entry, $1 for each ticket for rides, and 1 ticket per ride.  So we coughed up $2 so Tooty could pick a ride.  We narrowed it down for her after we discovered that the one I wanted to take her on (the giant slide) had a height restriction for her. 
 So she chose the car ride.  She chauffeured me around the line.  I'm in the back seat.

Daddy and I enjoyed our birthdays.  They were pretty much just like any other day.  Which in a way was a bit disappointing.  My sister and mom called on my birthday, and my mom and his dad called him on his.  I'm not saying that I need a big to-do about it.  And it was our choice to not have a party.

Tooty and I made a tree for the slider door.  I cut out the leaves and had her draw a line down the center of each one for a vein.  She really enjoyed it and did a great job matching colors - red crayon for red leaves, orange for orange, etc.
 Here she is at the PumpkinFest parade - I told you they pick anything to celebrate with a parade.  It was a little chilly and sprinkled a few times, but we had a great time.


Melissa said...

Sorry I missed your birthday and it wasn't as cool as you wanted.
I've found that with age comes that as well.
But Happy Birthday, however and I miss you and love you tons.
Great post.
You'll never loose me as a reader.
I LOVE parades and love the fact that Tooty had such a great birthday.

Rob and Becca Bingham said...

My your girls are getting big! Glad to see you are having fun with your new territory!