Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First Grade

This may shock some of you, but Tomato is in first grade
at the local elementary school.  She was asking and asking
to go to school last spring and we decided that early elementary school
is the time to do that, rather than having us tell her no
and then ending up putting her in when things are
crazy and a drastic change from our homeschooling life. 

This is the first day of first grade in September.
And here is a comparison picture from her first day of kindergarten,
which was in late March.

She kinda loves that backpack...it's one of her favorite things about going to school,
I think.  She wanted a new one, but I said no way, since she only used
it for a few months last spring.
And in other news, our new computer has arrived & I'm hoping to be a more prolific
blog writer once again.  I don't know how much to do catching up,
or if I just want to start from here so it's not too overwhelming for me.
It'll probably be a combo.
I'm going to post at least once a week, though.
It's on the schedule and I'm excited.
It's nice to be back.