Monday, September 13, 2010

Cupcake has been losing her hair.  I thought since it hadn't happened in the first 4 months that
we were good to go and she would keep those beautiful so-dark locks.
But, alas, it was not to be.  At least she still has the sticky-up hair.  And her mullet in the back.
But we still need to document that.



For those who may not know/remember how nice and dark and thick it was, here she is heading home from the hospital:
And as further proof, a pic from July (showing she still had it at 3 months):

She Turned Me Into a Liar

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she asked me something about Tooty.  I remember I assured her that Tooty has NEVER kept anything under her bed.  I swear - it's always been spotless under there, unless a stray toy somehow was pushed or rolled under there.  Well, the next day, I found out that she was apparently listening to my side of the conversation:
Sorry for not telling the truth, Mom!

Good Sister

This girl loves being a big sister.  She already knows how to bug and poke and laugh while Babygirl cries, BUT she occasionally is simply she is sharing a book while I cook.

If Only...

If only it were this quiet and peaceful every time I cooked dinner...
Don't let these girls fool's often filled with torment, crying, and threats of time-out.  But the one day (in a million?) that it's like this, it's heaven.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Girls

My last post contains a real, unmodified picture of Cupcake...I don't have the slightest idea how to do much more to a picture than crop, get out redeye, and possibly change the color (mainly to a different shade, like sepia or blue or something).  She is standing up against the couch and we had about 1 second to take the shot.  But I only had to do it once.  We did it with Tooty, too, when she was the same age.  I know that because it's right before Daddy was deployed.  
She has better foot placement.

I can tell these girls are going to be great friends.  Tooty reads to Babygirl all the time, or shows her pictures, or just torments her.  They both laugh and laugh together and Babygirl has put up with a lot, which I'm sure is the case with most babies who have toddlers for siblings.  I took the chance the other day to let them sit alone on the couch the other day for a picture.  It worked out well.

Can't you tell they are such good friends?
Tooty participated in the summer reading program at the library, which was AWESOME!! Each child is given a pencil and a paper to fill out (it's a picture of something and each section of the picture represents 15 minutes of reading).  When your paper is filled, you bring it back and trade it for a prize.  We just did one sheet, which each total 5 hours of reading.  That is a lot when you are 2.  Here is Tooty with her prize, a color-changing water bottle!!

She was super excited.  Can you believe that's the bottom prize?  I don't know what the rest were...I think I overheard a couple kids talking about reading enough to get the t-shirt, and possibly a beach ball.  What a great program!  We are signing up next year for sure.